The cybersecurity landscape in Luxembourg and two FEDIL projects

The COVID-19 crisis has forced companies to rethink their organisation overnight and embrace new practices such as remote working which offered cyberattackers the opportunity to thrive. This crisis has certainly shown how important it is for businesses to think through their current cybersecurity measures and how they have to be adapted or advanced.
In our conference “Why cybersecurity matters more than ever” our speakers tackled two subjects: ISAC and FEDIL’s cybersecurity assessment online tool 2.0.

The « Information Sharing and Analysis Center » (ISAC) represents the first cybersecurity forum dedicated to the manufacturing industry and was launched by FEDIL in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, specifically the Department of the e-commerce and Information Security. The new version of FEDIL’s « Cybersecurity Assessment Online Tool » which was launched last year. The advanced version integrates updates on hygiene rules and new measures to be taken into account by companies with regards to COVID-19 impact.

Link to the FEDIL Cybersecurity Assessment:

Some questions have been modified, some new ones have been added, and an emphasis has been put on remote working and mobility, vendor management and rising technology solutions.

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