Sponsors, get the most visibility with “Cybersecurity Insights”

The CYBERSECURITY Week Luxembourg represents a great momentum in the year to address the ever-growing challenges linked to cyber, IT & privacy issues. Over the past few years, cybersecurity has become one of the top priorities for organisations, which are redesigning their processes and reinforcing their digital business model.

After a challenging year, this week will spotlight the latest trends and will feature an array of experts by combining physical and digital events. To ensure that our partners get the most visibility of their contribution to the CYBERSECURITY Week Luxembourg, we decided to collaborate with Farvest to offer an interactive report, “Cybersecurity Insights”, that will be published at the beginning of November. It will showcase business cases, the main highlights of the week as well as targeted content made of videos, podcasts, interviews and articles.

We therefore encourage our partners to echo their participation by thinking of targeted content to contribute to the “Cybersecurity Insights” report, powered by SECURITYMADEIN.LU, in collaboration with Farvest.

All details are available here.

As part of their participation in this insightful week, all our partners benefit from a 15% discount.

If you want to receive the look & feel of the report, you may ask for the one published last year by contacting team@itone.lu.

Interested? Get in touch with team@itone.lu.