PwC Cybersecurity DayS

For this year’s PwC Luxembourg Cybersecurity Days the focus was on IT security to digital trust: how to help CISOs, DPOs and CEOs ensure they keep the organisation secure in a digital society.

“Once the Covid-19 quick-and-urgent action stage is gone, businesses have to think through their current cybersecurity measures and how they have to be adapted or advanced because of the generalised implementation of remote work.”
Koen Maris, CybersecurityLeader at PwC Luxembourg

An innovative 4-day programme of webinars included but not only: interactive workshops tailored to our audience, distinguished speakers from all over the world representing a rich panel of thought leaders sharing the stage with companies engaging in a pitch competition of their innovative solutions and presenting how they meet cybersecurity challenges.

The winner of this year’s edition is T.A.K. Client by BUILD38 represented by Christoph Brecht.

PwC Cybersecurity Days 2020 – Podcast Series – A talk with the finalists from PwC Luxembourg

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