How employee behavior drives cyber resiliency in your organization?

Today, the impact of cybersecurity is not just limited to systems. It affects every facet of the organization and cybersecurity is quickly becoming a key priority. However, organizations are still not fully secure; people are often the weakest link.

To understand and effectively manage the human vulnerabilities in security, we have combined our expertise in Security and Talent & Organization. During the session, Michael Teichmann (Cybersecurity Lead France & BeNeLux at Accenture) and Irfaan Santoe (Global Head of Security Engineering at ABN AMRO Bank N.V) have shown with a number of examples how employee behavior drives cyber resiliency.

We learned about live statistics behind the role play in securing organizations against cyber threats:

  • We all see the need to go beyond raising awareness on cyber threats and resiliency
  • Organizations need to strive to build resiliency through action-orientated behaviors
  • Fortifying the organization with controls, creates a shield that was needed yesterday. Controls AND a focus on mindset and behaviors secure the organization for today and tomorrow.

The most important asset of any organization? The people within it!

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