Open Source Security Software hackathon

Due to the big success of the first hackathon in May and in order to support the continuity of innovation, development and integration of such open source security tools, a two-days hackathon was organized by the team after the conference in October.

The second Open Source Security Software Hackathon took place right after the conference on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th October and gathered 30 attendees. This 1,5-day Hackathon was dedicated to free/open source software in the field of cybersecurity. The aim was to gather various developer groups to collaborate on challenging programming problems in the field of cybersecurity: from information sharing, network/system forensic, data mining challenges, network/computer exploitation or defense.

On Thursday, the kick off was given at 6PM and teams went on until 10PM, followed by a full day on Friday. The event covered projects previously tackled such as: MISP, CVE search, AIL and Viper. This list is not exhaustive.