Hack4Kids workshop

Hack4Kids’ write up

A Hack4Kids event was organized by SECURITYMADEIN.LU at Vauban primary school (French school of Luxembourg) in the frame of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg on Tuesday 17th October 2017. This special edition, supervised by Matthieu Farcot and Emilie Muller, co-inventors of the workshops, gathered around 100 six-year-old children accompanied with their teachers. A first presentation helped children develop a critical mind towards the available online content. Children got the opportunity to understand the way basic Internet technologies work by acting like a network and several connected equipment. After that, a playful and dynamic game introduced children with basis in network engineering and had to act like several connected equipment. This game made a focus on security and especially on encryption. “The game was really appreciated (…) Using real IT material was really appreciated by the children”, testified Fanny Laurent, cycle 2 coordinator and first year of primary school teacher at Vauban, French School and Highschool of Luxembourg.

About Hack4Kids

Hack4kids is all about professional multilingual events targeting various audiences ranging from kids to teens, tailored to meet any need on the topic of information technology and security. To know more about the initiative: www.hack4kids.lu.

For this special Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg edition, a closed Hack4Kids event will be organized in partnership with Vauban, École Française de Luxembourg. Four classes of 6 to 7 years old children will get the opportunity to take part in the initiative and will attend dedicated workshops on technology, security and art.