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Man vs Machine – win the battle of the Bots


Bots can be a force of good by automating repetitive tasks and providing faster customer service. But, in the wrong hands, bots can also be a

powerful tool for cybercriminals and fraudsters. The ever-evolving digital threat landscape requires that security and fraud teams be able to

identify and block “bad” bots before they can steal data, commit fraud, or harm the business. So, how well do you know your bots?

Session attendees will learn how to:
• Prevent excessive cloud charges and security team distractions due to bot traffic.
• Stop credential stuffing attacks that can lead to data breaches and account takeovers.
• Mitigate sophisticated fraud that uses bots and automation to imitate human behavior.

…By Being Smarter than the Bots
I. Know the logic to Human Behavior: Distinguish human from non-human traffic and identify intent using artificial
intelligence and machine learning based on billions of transactions.
II. Be first to market but not first to be breached: Protect mobile applications and APIs that are increasingly being
targeted by bots and automated attacks.
III. Protect current and potential customers: Prevent attacks that steal sensitive information directly from the user’s
browser or mobile device.
IV. Protect the user experience: Detect and block malicious bots without friction to keep customers happy and analytics

Speaker: Slobodan Ivanovic- Shape Security lead for BeNeLux and Eastern Europe.

Moderator: Patty Lewis- Sales lead at F5 Networks for Luxembourg.

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October 20, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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