Cybersecurity: a shared responsibility

The eighth edition of the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) starts on 1 October 2020 throughout the European Union. ECSM is the annual awareness campaign organised by the European Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), the European Commission, and the Member States including the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

“Cybersecurity is certainly not an individual challenge, but a collective challenge and above all a shared responsibility,” declared the Minister of the Economy, Mr Franz Fayot, thus paying tribute to both the European and national efforts undertaken in the last two decades to promote the importance of the collaboration in the field of information security.

In Luxembourg, the Ministry of the Economy supports the ECSM through the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg which will take place from October 19 to 29, highlighting the achievements and services of around thirty national – and international companies, professional associations, and public institutions. This year, the events will be specially focused on business resilience and the strengthening of the cybersecurity ecosystem, the keystone of a trusted digital economy for the country.

A driver of innovation and growth, the digital transition is both an opportunity and a challenge for cybersecurity, as it offers cybercriminals a rapidly growing attack surface. The current context, marked by the measures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, adds to the potential level of anxiety of the population and businesses brought to become more familiar with an online way of life and work. The risks thus increase in seeing criminals taking advantage of this situation.

This is why, at European level, the 2020 edition of cybersecurity month reminds businesses and citizens to remain vigilant (Think before you click) in the face of digital scams, such as calls, SMS, or fraudulent emails, or when carrying out professional and personal transactions online. On the other hand, it promotes the acquisition of digital skills for secure use of the Internet. In the Grand Duchy, the European Cyber Security Month is supported, among others, by the ABBL (Association of Banks and Bankers), the BEE SECURE initiative, the Restena Foundation, the Grand Ducal Police, and the University of Luxembourg.

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