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Main produts / services in cybersecurity

  • Application Fraud
  • Application Security
  • Access & Authorization
  • Infrastructure security

F5’s Security portfolio, protect your user’s experience and business from existing and emerging threats by deploying comprehensive security solutions that defend your critical applications from: OWASP top 10 attacks, Bot Attacks, Web Fraud, Unauthorized Access, DDoS attacks, DNS attacks and attacks against APIs.   Ensure policy compliance across your entire application portfolio- no matter how your Apps are built or where they are deployed.

Why do we participate to the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg 2020?

At F5, our mission is based on the fact that businesses depend on apps. Our long-standing belief that applications are the most valuable assets of any organization in the digital age has been the foundation of our strategy to become the leader in multi-cloud application services. When you combine F5’s and NGINX’s expertise powering more than half of the world’s applications across all types of environments, with Shape’s insight from mitigating one billion application attacks per day, you have a company that knows how to deliver and secure more applications, and more value, than any company in the industry. This means that F5 is able to deliver and protect applications—re

venue-generating, brandanchoring applications—from the point at which they are created through to the point when consumers interact with them. In other words, from “code to customer.” This makes the combined forces of F5, NGINX, and Shape essential to every digital organization, including the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, financial and educatinal institutions, government entities, and consumer brands.

Our vision of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem in Luxembourg

When F5 speaks to customers who are in the midst of a digital transformation journey, they describe their challenges with stunning similarity:

  1. Infrastructure lock-in
  2. Complex compliance and security requirements
  3. Tool sprawl that increases operational complexity and cost
  4. Lack of visibility into application portfolio

Similar challenges are perceived in the Luxembourg market, hence continuous information and experience sharing is crucial for the evolution of the cybersecurity ecosystem, to support Luxembourg Enterprises in their digital transformation journey.
Securitymadein, the cybersecurity agency of the Ministry of Economy, plays an important role in promoting the campaign and featuring the cybersecurity ecosystem in Luxembourg. F5 is pleased to support the national advocacy campaign Cybersecurity week Luxembourg 2020.

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