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Moussa OUEDRAOGO is head of Cybersecurity service at Fujitsu Luxembourg where he leads a team of consultants perpetually bringing innovation and value to companies’ security.

Moussa’s journey in security began in the area of secure system engineering. He supported organizations in integrating security concerns during the engineering and implementation process of new systems and applications. He later expanded his security skills to the realm of operational systems, culminating with a doctoral thesis on security monitoring and reporting.

His understanding of both technical and organizational security, qualified him to serve as a trusted advisor to companies from different verticals including Banking and Insurance. In particular, Moussa helped with the setup and operation of SIEM and other monitoring technologies, thus delivering advanced security situational awareness to companies in Luxembourg. From a business security vision and preparedness, he supported companies in building a security strategy that accounts for their need to achieve resilience and to adapt to new service delivery models such as the cloud.

Moussa has delivered speeches in numerous conferences and workshops at the national and international levels. He also served as an expert evaluator for the European Commission.


Main products / services in cybersecurity


  • Cybersecurity assessment & Strategy
  • Cloud Security and Data Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Incidents Analysis & attacks detection
  • Interactive cybersecurity training


Your reasons to participate in the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg 2020

  • Contribute in raising cybersecurity awareness amongst citizen and organizations alike
  • Promote cybersecurity as a key business enabler
  • Showcase Fujitsu’s human and technological capability to support companies with their security concerns and privacy obligations.


Your vision of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem in Luxembourg

The cybersecurity ecosystem in Luxembourg is made of a plethora of actors, all supporting businesses in thwarting attacks, improving their security, and staying resilient in the face of adversity.

Because threats are known to propagate and evolve, it is essential that collaboration is nurtured amongst key actors within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, democratizing cybersecurity to part of the business fabric that still lacks the skills and means to face up to attacks can be essential in improving national cybersecurity and avoid widespread compromise from the weakest link.


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