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A century of pioneering work for economic growth


FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry is a multisectoral business federation with an entrepreneurial spirit, resolutely proactive and oriented towards the future. Our mission is to support our members of today and tomorrow during their decision-making process and development towards the future. To guarantee highly qualified support, FEDIL constantly focuses on creating a dynamic and diverse network.


In order to contribute to the sustainable growth of our country and to make Luxembourg the best place for business, we want to create synergies around developing projects of our members in Luxembourg as well as internationally, and furthermore, promote a constructive dialogue with the stakeholders of our ecosystem in Luxembourg and abroad.



  1. Main products/ services in cybersecurity




Based on a study conducted by FEDIL-ICT & EY Cybersecurity, a first set of 50 security practices have been identified and compiled, with the aim of helping companies in their cybersecurity journey, thus strengthening the security footprint of Luxembourg. The tool enables companies and organisations to carry out their own assessment in order to evaluate their current level of security and thus, adopt a cybersecurity policy that best suits their objectives and needs.


  • Information Sharing and Analysis Center » (ISAC)


The « Information Sharing and Analysis Center » (ISAC) represents the first cybersecurity forum dedicated to the manufacturing industry and was launched by FEDIL in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, specifically the Department of the e-commerce and Information Security. The ISAC’s mission is to promote the cooperation in terms of cybersecurity within the manufacturing industry sector in Luxembourg and the Greater Region for the benefit of the attractiveness of the ecosystem.



  1. Your reasons to participate in the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg 2020



  • Cybersecurity is one of FEDIL’s priorities, we have, over the past years, helped and encouraged our members to adopt a resilient cybersecurity policy.


  • FEDIL believes that sharing information and knowledge on the topic within the manufacturing sector in Luxembourg and the Greater Region will guide businesses to a better risk management approach.


  • Following an increase in global digital activity and thus in cyberattacks, efforts to invest in and promote the cybersecurity sector must be strengthened.




  1. Your vision of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem in Luxembourg


Luxembourg has gained worldwide recognition for its expertise in the cybersecurity field. It is up to all of its actors to foster its expansion by putting the subject at the forefront of their concerns.

Moreover, if the COVID-19 crisis has more than ever demonstrated the importance of digitalization, we believe that our country’s strong risk analysis and protection efforts will pave the way for a secure post-COVID-19 transformation process.

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