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Xavier Vincens – Managing Partner of Excellium Services

After 12 years of customer relationship mgt & key accounts development in Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland , Xavier has co-founded Excellium Services SA in 2012.

He has successful experiences in business start-up, new complex sales, new value proposition positioning. He controls the day-to-day operations of a company and are responsible for its performance

He has also strong sales experiences in security solutions,vulnerability mgt, managed services, consulting, governance risk and compliance services,

Xavier is managing a dedicated team of security and network experts who is trained to continuously collect, research and disseminate information on vendor products, viruses and vulnerabilities.
Excellium’s Professional Services team combines expertise and experience that complements your in-house security and network resources. They can assist your team in planning and implementing security projects without compromise. Excellium Professional Services also help Excellium EYEGUARD, delivering 24×7 management, monitoring and support of your security infrastructure.
This permanent and ongoing service provides customers the insurance of a continuous assessment and monitoring of their exposure against threats and vulnerabilities


Christophe Bianco – Managing Partner of Excellium Services

Christophe is the co-founder and the managing director of Excellium Services. Excellium was founded in 2012 by the willingness of people active in the Information Security field for over 14 years.

Because companies face new threats with increasing budgetary constraints and limited resources it is needed to have new approaches, pragmatics, effective with an innovative business model. Recently the Group Excellium has extended its operations to Belgium but also Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, and Ivory Coast.

Before Excellium, Christophe has been vice-president and General Manager for the European, Middle East & African region of the Qualys society, leader in computer vulnerability management solutions. In this job, he has been responsible for strategic, operational, sales, and marketing activities.

With 15 years of experience in providing security, governance, security audits and penetration tests, his mission has been to guide the company IPO in 2012.

Beforehand, he managed the activities development of Verizon Business on the European Region for the security division during 10 years. Before that, he had a 1st experience as network administrator in the Parisbas Luxembourg Bank during 3 years.

Christophe had an engineering degree in network engineering and informations systems.He had also A MBA from HEC Paris in 2008. Most recently, he has studied Criminology at the University of Paris Assas II.

He regularly speaks at conferences on Information Security issues , analysis of the economics of cybercrime or evolving threats. He also is trainer for Cases.lu about safety awareness in luxembourish organizations and speak in University or business school (Université de Lorraine, EDHEC Nice, IUT Metz, …).

Main products / services in cybersecurity

Excellium Services can offer a broad range of tailored options, from its comprehensive portfolio of services. From consulting to 24/7 monitoring services, via the C-SOC Eyeguard cyber-security platform, and a rapid-response CSIRT, Excellium offers “security as a service,” to help clients tackle problems such as network intrusions, and application security. Our teams combine expertise with experience, which allows them to complement internal resources on the client’s side. In this way, they support the customer’s own teams throughout a security project – from planning, to execution and delivery.


Your reasons to participate in the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg 2020

We by default support events and initiatives that promote Cybersecurity in Luxembourg and more globally at the European level (which is our business footprint).

It is allowing us also one time in the year to focus on a specific thematic and promote this message across the organizations.


Your vision of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem in Luxembourg

The co-system is quite active and composed of very interesting companies. Even if collaboration is always a challenge on a small market like the Luxembourg one it creates opportunities. I’m seeing the role of Securitymadein has a key one in the coordination and animation of a such rich eco-system around events like this cyber week or the FIC delegation.

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