About Cryptoparty4Kids

Cryptoparty4Kids is an initiative created by SECURITYMADEIN.LU and delivered within the framework of the BEE SECURE project co-funded by the European Union. Cryptoparty4Kids events especially focus on information security literacy for a young audience. Covered topics include games and activities related to online privacy, cryptography, data protection and best practices for a secure use of the Internet.

Write up

The Cryptoparty4Kids event was set within the BEE SECURE initiative co funded by the EU and was organized by SECURITYMADEIN.LU in partnership with Atert-Lycée Redange. This special edition gathered 2 classes aged between 13 and 16 years old. Matthieu Farcot, creator of the workshop, initiated the attendees to the hacking culture, exposed the threats of the Internet of Things. He then demonstrated how an IP network works and can be abused, simulated a distributed Denial of Service attack through a dynamic network game and finally promoted 10 essentials commandments for online survival. “Matthieu introduced the pupils with the Internet and especially the risks and the dangers that each citizen can encounter on it. (…) All the attendees involved themselves very well in the activity and gained several new knowledge through this playful activity. The photos also show the good atmosphere of the workshop. (…) I want to thank Matthieu for this ingenious game idea and his dedication.”, testified Serge Linckels, computer-science teacher at Atert-Lycée Redange